imsody Do you know where I can watch Lee Joon's drama with english subs? Thanks :)

You can watch it here~

Gapdongi Ep 2 - Flirty Ryu Tae Oh

Gapdongi Ep. 2

Gapdongi Ep. 2 Preview
Gapdongi Ep. 2 Preview

Ryu Tae Oh Ep 1 - 2/3

Ryu Tae Oh Ep 1 - 1/3

Oh shit oh shit, they’re still filming! O.O

Anonymous for the country viewing issue -- you can download a google chrome extension that allows you to change your proxy for another country. (:

OMGGG *hugs you tightly*


Thanks dear anon ; ; our blaqies in white is just asdfddgfjhkl /feels overload @_@

; ; and thanks a lot for noticing my tags!! I thought no one really reads it anyway ;u; *showers you with hugs and kisses*

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