It’s my 2 year anniversary on tumblr! Sorry for the crappy edit omg I’m lacking sleep. I decided to make my second follow forever and also include my side blog mblaqandblue. Thank you so much for 2100+ followers on this blog and 600+ on my side blog!! I love you all and please check out these fantastic blogs too!

Bold= mutual follows/friends :)
Special shoutout to my 여보 lovessongho

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Congrats on your 2year anniversary!!! /throws flowers and hearts/ 
I’m terribly sorry that this reply post is so late ;A; I loveeeeee your blog btw and have been following you under my main account (since this is just a side blog, cant follow people under the same name :/)! Thank you for including me in your ff!! -^^-


Hello everyone!!

So i just recently hit 600 followers and though to most people that may not be a lot, to me it is a huge step >.< Anyways, I´ve been running this blog almost for a year now and tbh I´ve met some amazing people and made great friends. I want to thank every single one of you for sticking up with me and my sucky blog <3 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You guys have been amazing and so i decided it was about damn time i did something for you guys. So here is my fabulous and magnificent Follow Forever.

(Bold and with a <3 are people i love too much and are special to me, and crossed are senpais who i admire or people whose blogs i really likeand please hover over for a kyoot little message)

(Note: I´m so sorry if i forgot someone or if i forgot a message somewhere. But please understand i follow a loooot of blogs and i suck at everything so please excuse me.)


Akahshi  /  Annyeongpabo  Ayowazzupkrease<3  /  Baekhyunbiased  /  Baozidreamer<3  /  Bbcjunkie  /  Bitchjaehyo/  Blackpaerl  /Calling-all-exotics  / Chanlucinations  /  Chenny-potter  /  Cuteyoongi  /  Dailyexo / Deerxings   /  Dimplay


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Igot7Boys / Im-in-flashbaek / Jjeonkook / Krismemore / Kyungdyosoo / Leejoonbiased / Like-a-buffalo / Luhan-in-lululand / Luhanova 


Minyoonswag / No-one-but-a-lonely-panda / Oceanofblades / Oh-s-h / Onleejoon  / Onlybangmir Ohsoshinee / Oxexo3o / Parkgyu / Parkjingyounqs


Raviyeolii<3 / Roly-Poly-Yeolie<3 / S-hawol / Sedults / Sehundos /  Sehunida / Sehunniethepooh/ Sehunseok / Seouliix<3 Seunfho / Sexo-Hun<3  Suhoswag / Subears /  Sweetotakuheart / Tao-foo-fah / Taot-oro<3 


Universehun / Wooyoung / Xehun / X-kfashion  Yehet-power / Yehetss / Zaikaisoo<3Zitaotaos-Nunchucks<3 

**Attention please, really, really, really important people  Best friends coming up ahead** **Special section for my baes** **Really long message warning**

Best friends————————————————————————————————————

Xiuluu <3 <3 <3 ( Please click here for your message. It was too long  lol) (>.<)

Smokygirl-intheclub <3 <3 <3  (Click here for your message >.<) *No mms wey ya velo te pasas *

Awesomeangels <3 <3 <3

 I know that most of the people in this follow forever don´t even know who I am. Because tbh i don´t talk to like half of you guys. But i really really want to be friends with everyone on this follow forever so feel free to talk to me

Thank you all for following me and for making my tumblr experience hella amazing. I hope we can spend many many more years together <3

*Credit for the graphics: Unfortunately i suck at photoshop, so the only graphic that has my full credit is the second one (and i had to use a tutorial for it If you want to see the tutorial it is here) and the Kai gif in the top one (you can see/ reblog it here, along with some other edits i´ve made) The top graphic was made by my ultimate bae xiuluu. And i thank her so much for it :3*

*Special thanks to xiuluu for helping me out so much!! I could have never done it without you* *This is my first follow forever in the history of ever and it took me like 2 days* *So thank you so much for your help bae*

Congrats on hitting 600+ followers!! ^^ Thank you for including me in your ff sweetheart!! /blushes/ my blog really is not half as good as you said though > < and O.M.G senpai????! MEEE??!!!! I..I…really dont think I deserve such a title.. ;A;

(I love the cute kitty jongin! and omgg EXO my other bias group~~ ;D)


Hello~ ummm okay wow idk what to say ummm well this is my First Follow Forever, I never thought I would make one of this but yeah, here I am lol This is for both my Main Blog, LuhansLullaby (Chilenagirl before) and my BTS side-blog, princesseok :) 

It’s been almost a year since I made my Main Blog and my BTS blog has been up for just a couple of months and has reached an amount of followers that I thought I would Never have ;;u;; so I decided it was time to make one of this to thank my wonderful followers and the amazing people I follow~

PS. Sorry for my crappy grammar, edit, and if I missed someone on the list I AM SO SORRY! OTL

Bold = Mutual ;;

Italic - Teach me your ways Senpai! ;o;

♥ = Hover~ You Have a Message~ ^ 3^


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You all have such wonderful blogs! I love every single one of them *u* thank you for making my bash such a wonderful place (≧◡≦) and Thank you to my followers that put up with me everyday :’D

bye bye~!

Congrats on reaching your tumblr milestone!! ^^ And thank you for including me in your ff! ;A; I’m really sorry that this reply is soooo late ;~; 
(P.S. I love EXO and luhan too!! ;D) 


Lee Joon - Section TV . 140803

It’s here!! 😍 my signed album and joonie photocard which I managed to get thanks to a fellow SG A+. 😊

1 | 50 Joon x photoshoot edits 
3/50 sets of Joonie's laughter ♥ :For A+ who misses changsun too 


here we see a Joon in its natural state of confusion


Innocent Lee Joon thinks that MBLAQ’s dorm is a jail.