It’s here!! 😍 my signed album and joonie photocard which I managed to get thanks to a fellow SG A+. 😊

1 | 50 Joon x photoshoot edits 
3/50 sets of Joonie's laughter ♥ :For A+ who misses changsun too 


here we see a Joon in its natural state of confusion


Innocent Lee Joon thinks that MBLAQ’s dorm is a jail.

I don’t want to..quit.

lee-joons-sweet-smile sent:

Hai~ I am so glad I found your blog! It is like a gold mine xD... A+, J+ FIGHTING!

Awww~ <33 this is such a sweet msg to wake up to ;A; 

*hugs tight* yeaa~ A+, J+ hwaiting~~~ <33

what do you want your future 2 sons to be ?

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"I’m the perfect target. I was in the jail clinic."

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Lee Joon for VOGUE GIRL (June Issue)